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Keeping safe whilst at Wapley Stables

Wapley Riding Stables is a registered and licensed riding school with South Gloucestershire council. Every year we are inspected by them to ensure the premises are safe and a vet also carries out a health check on all the ponies and horses to ensure they are healthy and up to date with their health care.  The horses’ tack and equipment is also inspected to ensure proper fit and good standard. All staff are trained in emergency first aid and a full first aid kit is located on the wall in the kitchen / office.

Things you need to know

Your choice to ride is voluntary. We take care to provide suitable horses and ponies for customers but all animals are unpredictable

All riders MUST WEAR SAFETY HATS and sensible footwear and clothing.  We have the right to refuse a rider should inappropriate clothing or footwear be worn.

We have riding hats available for your first lesson, however we strongly recommend that thereafter you purchase your own properly fitted Kite marked riding hat.

Footwear, Wellington boots and trainers should be avoided and therefore we recommend shoes or boots with a small heel.

Comfortable trousers or leggings.

For Jumping and X country lessons longs sleeves and body protectors are compulsory.

All long hair must be tied back in a low pony tail.

Our instructors all hold or are working towards qualifications within the BHS and NVQ structure.

We advise you take out full personal accident cover.

Health and Safety guidelines are displayed and strictly adhered to at all times.

We have Policies, Procedures and Risk Assessment in place to minimise risks to all who spend time at Wapley Stables.

All our staff are trained in first aid and in safety procedures.

An incident book is kept for the recording of minor accidents or falls by staff, trainees and clients.

Riders Registration Form

The Riders Registration Form helps our instructors provide the best advice for suitable groups and activities for you.  Therefore it is imperative that you are honest about your abilities and riding experience, any previous riding accidents and any medical/heath conditions which may affect your ability to ride.

Horse Riders Code of Conduct


Safety Procedures